Woomera is an Aboriginal word which means “spear-launcher.” This place used to be a weapons’ research facility. The Australian and the British governments established this place back in 1946. This place is located in the northern part of South Australia. Later on, it became a major settlement. Even though it is situated in the outback, it became a cosmopolitan center in a rapid phase. It generates jobs for the Air force, Navy and the Army in Australia and from other foreign nations. Australian Civilians and Europeans who recently migrated to Australia can also find employment in this area.

Major Information

Woomera is a town or a village that is situated in the south east part of the Woomera Prohibited Area or WPA. This is just 488 Kilometers from Adelaide. Locals call this place the Woomera Rocket Range. This used to be a restricted Australian Defense Force facility for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Now, it is used for evaluation of civilian and military missile and aerospace system. The main transportation towards this place is to buy cheap flights to Adelaide and then a transit on the Stuart Highway, The Ghan, and Trans Australian Highway. This town became a tourist destination when the restriction codes were lifted back in 1982.

2003 Onwards

There were temporary residents who lived in this place when the RAFF assumed command of the place back in 1999. These people have jobs and other special duties connected with the test and evaluations on the place. Later on, in 2003, the population of the place became stable at around 400. Up until 2009, Woomera is still the biggest domestic ADF base support facility in the whole nation of Australia. Now, as this place is already open to the public, a lot of tourists are drawn to this place to see the National Missile Park. These tourists want to see the covers of the range’s operations, missiles, bombs, rockets and aircrafts. Tourists will also be able to experience the audio visual presentation and the gallery that tells the story of the historic Woomera at the Woomera Heritage Center and the Community Museum. These places are maintained by the volunteers of the town.


The people who live in Woomera are contractors and defense workers. The homes in this place are not privately owned, some of the houses in this place are leased to agencies like the Bureau of Meteorology. There are a lot of facilities in this place for local residents and tourists alike. Some of the facilities are the missile park, two museums, school, theater, hospital, swimming pool, gym and a hotel. Other facilities found in this town are bowling alley, bank, post office, radio station, and an IGA supermarket. There are also football clubs in this town such as the lawn bowl club and the Returned Services League.


Woomera was acknowledged by the American Institution of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2007. This place was acknowledged by the AIAA as a world aerospace historical significance site. The UK MOD Taranis UAV/UCAV was tested in Woomera recently in 2010.

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